I just had an idea and acted on it without thinking. So let’s start again:


A while ago this blog appeared, and I just absolutely loved the idea of it. Then this one came by and I thought ‘If no one on the U2 fandom is doing it, I’ll have to do it myself.’ 

But here’s the thing: I’ve tried running U2 related blogs there are based on submissions before, and let me tell you: It’s freaking hard. I rarely had submissions and that can not happen. 

So I’ll do it like this: If I get 20 submissions until next Saturday, I’ll do it. 20 is not an absurd number, so I guess if you guys really want it we could do it. 

Also, I would be glad if you could spread the word, so many people from the fandom can hear about it.

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From Boy to No Line On The Horizon, U2 have written lines that can only be regarded as some of the best lyrics in history, with classics from Where The Streets Have No Name to lesser-known gems like Seconds. Feel free to drop a line in the ask box if you fancy seeing a particular line from a particular U2 song on here.

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